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Our Mission And Vision

 Late Tejraoji Patil Multipurpose Education Society was Establish by Mr. Subhash Nikam who was the founder of our Education Society.
      Was started in the year of 1998 by socially committed people having experienced in primary and secondary education this Rising Star English school is started in the year of 2004-05. With only 17 Students, Currently the School Successfully curving thousands of students.
      The school aims are not only academic instruction but also education and developing the entire personality of the student through curricular and co-curricular activities and full opportunities are provided to the children develop the intellectually, moral, physical faculties.


• To make available every opportunity of taking education for the deprived class in the society.

• To promote every child towards education in the weaker section in the society.

• To permeate perfect and quality education to the grass-root level and toil hard to their overall fulfillment.

• Keeping pace with the time and maintain global standard in order to face the challenges in the future.


 • To bring about a qualitative change in the students life through value               

    education and all significant life skills.

 • To make and mold well-balanced personality in order to tackle the problems

        in today word.

What’s in the name?

  • Rising Star Means a person or thing that is growing quickly in popularity or importance in a particular field.

   • Like that Our Students means our STARS will RISE in all over word in their particular fields With Rising Star


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